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Our speciality: post-Turbo F1 engines (after 1989)

A wide fleet: Peugeot A6, Peugeot A10, Peugeot A18, Asiatech 001, Asiatech AT02, Cosworth V8 HB 3,5l, Cosworth LK-CR4 – V8, Cosworth CK-CR3 – V8, Ford HBA4 V8 3,3l…

Privileged relations with Cosworth…

More than 85,000 km covered with our F1 engines over the last 11 years …

…giving us an unrivalled technical advantage.

The words “F1 manufacture” are full of meaning: an F1 engine is a technical and technological work of art that we are starting to understand.F1 engine sales

We would not class ourselves as “absolute experts” on all F1 engine types from that period, but we only work with the most skilful suppliers and partners in the field.

We focus on: