Customisation & Options

No limits – your creativity, wishes and desires will enable you to live your passion to the full.


Tailor-made race cars & F1 sales


Our vehicles come in their original colours. We offer a customisation service for personal designs, company logos or any other project.

Price: On request





f1 memorabilia f1 spare parts



Helmet, race suit, race shoes, gloves, balaclava, underwear… all driver equipment can be customised with your personal colours and design.

In our standard offer, all driving equipment is personalised with your name.

You can customise colours and design for your Personal F1 Driver Package.




f1 showcar



A replica of your F1 can be built to put on show in your house, garage or company offices.

The full-scale resin replica of your race car enables you to exhibit your F1 in complete safety.

Price: From € 59,000 to € 79,000 inclusive of tax
(Transport not included)



F1 simulator - f1 motion simulator




Dynamic or static, a simulator for your home or actual practice as used by F1 drivers can be provided to enable you to practice in ideal conditions, and prepare you for driving any circuit in the world.

We can integrate your customised F1 into the software.

Price: From € 7,000 to € 470,000

(Transport not included)