When an owner requests a full or partial restoration of his Formula 1, our objective is to:a complete and premium service from the purchase to any other requirements  f1 spare parts sales

1/ Offer in complete SAFETY…


3/ where access to DRIVING PLEASURE is priority

4/ in an atmosphere where SHARING, PASSION and EXCELLENCE are the operative words

This is the standard that Laurent REDON wishes to maintain for each and every Eau Rouge Club project.

As simplicity often gives the best results, our methodology is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 : Welcome & Audit
  • Phase 2 : Study
  • Phase 3 : Work & Delivery

PHASE 1 – Welcome & Audit

Technical questionnaire on vehicle history:exotic car market - race ready f1 sales

  • Different owners
  • Type of work carried out on vehicle
  • List of service providers having worked on vehicle
  • Mileage for main components, especially those affecting safety
  • Past and future use of F1 :
    • Mileage estimated/year
    • Type of use (demo or intensive/semi-intensive/competition driving)
    • Regularity of vehicle use per year

PHASE 2 – Studyservice, restoration, storage, events, transportation or motor sport - race ready f1 for sale

The owner is provided with a quotation for a complete technical study on the vehicle.

The quotation is accepted on the basis of the following items: