Our references and the management of our own Formula 1 fleet for over 11 years speak for themselves.

Benetton B197 & B198, Ferrari F93A, Arrows A18 & A19, Jordan 191 & EJ13, Prost AP04…

Looking for a F1 car  f1 memorabilia f1 salesEach owner has a specific and often passionate relationship with his vehicle coupled with high expectations.

Each race car has a history that has an influence on the general condition of some of the sensitive parts of these high-performance vehicles.

For the Eau Rouge Club, it is just as important to listen and welcome a new owner, as it is to reassure him on our means and methods used to study and analyse the vehicle – this enables us to propose technical and budgetary solutions of varying degrees.

From the end of the 1980s through the 1990s until the beginning of 2000s, Formula 1 cars have become more sophisticated, offering incredibly high performance, but are also increasingly complex to run for their owners: Eau Rouge Club offers technical expertise, high-performance restored and in fine condition, being really a race ready Formula oneand its partnership with Cosworth, and other technical partners to enable you to ‘live’ your Formula 1 with peace of mind.


We offer 3 levels of restoration:

- Partial restoration (for a mechanical, body or electric/electronic part…)

- Complete restoration matching the original and without concession,  to preserve world automobile heritage

- Complete restoration with a few technical modifications to the looking for a real F1 to buy - f1 saleoriginal, to simplify use and management of the vehicle

Chassis, engine, gear box, wiring harness, tyre system, bodywork, paintwork, suspension, braking system…we carry out most of our work internally and have forged relations with some of the most specialized experts in the sector.


Entrust us with your project… you will get back a dream.