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Jaguar Racing was brought to life after Ford decided to buy the Stewart Grand Prix team, founded by former F1 world champion Jackie Stewart. Just after the buyout by Jaguar in 1999 the team managed their first win with Johnny Herbert at the Nurburgring race in rainy conditions. The team came fourth in the championship.

At the start of 2000s, Vice World Champion Eddie Irvine joined the Jaguar Racing Team to replace Rubens Barrichello. During his first year for Jaguar, Eddy Irvine managed to score points with 4th place at Monaco and 6th place in the Inaugural Malaysian GP at Sepang.

The last two years of Jaguar Racing saw the best performance of the team with Mark Webber in particular being highly competitive, especially in the qualifying laps.

In mid-November 2004, the energy drink company Red Bull confirmed that they had purchased the Jaguar Formula 1 team from Ford as an on-going outfit. The new team, named Red Bull Racing, used the chassis and engine that would have been Jaguar’s 2005 Formula 1 challenger for its first season.



Designer: Steve Nichols, John Russell

Drivers: Eddie Irvine, Luciano Burti and Pedro de la Rosa

Grand Prix season: 2001

Debut: Australian Grand Prix

Number of races: 17

Best race results: 3rd (Monaco GP – Eddie Irvine)


Engine: Ford Cosworth CR-3 – 72° – V10

2,998 cc          805 hp            17,500 RPM

Monocoque carbon-fibre honeycomb chassis

Jaguar longitudinal, semi-automatic, sequential gear box with electric control

Number of gears: 6 + reverse

Brake system: Carbone Industrie disc brakes and AP Racing calipers

Axle track: front 1,469 mm – rear 1,408 mm

Weight: 600 kg


Engine & Chassis: Original



On request


  • 1 x Material flight case
  • 2 x set of wheels
  • 2 x air guns (left/right)
  • 2 x sockets
  • 4 x air bottles (12l scuba driving)
  • 2 x air regulators
  • 2 x bottle trolleys
  • 2 x air hoses
  • 1 x front quick lift
  • 1 x rear quick lift
  • 1 x set of short stands
  • 1 x car cover


  • Moulded bucket seat
  • 1 FIA-approved race suit customised with embroidered name
  • 1 pair of FIA-approved racing shoes
  • 1 pair of FIA-approved gloves customised with your name
  • 2 FIA-approved balaclavas customised with your name + 1 FIA-approved underwear kit customised with your name
  • 1 FIA-approved full-face helmet customised with your name + 1 carry bag + 1 FIA-approved HANS® system
  • 1:43 scale model
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